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bull sculpture
bronze sculpture hereford bull with heifers
bronze bull
hereford bull statue
transprorting bronze bull sculpture
Loading Hereford bull sculpture
chasing bronze bull sculpture
welding bronze bull sculpture
bronze bull sculpture
working on bronze bull sculpture Brian Alabaster
making bronze bull sculpture
welding bronze bull
IMG 3875
IMG 3856
IMG 3857
IMG 3855
IMG 3790

Brian and Tom pouring the first piece of the bull sculpture from our new 250 Kg crucible.

The Bronze is at 1085 deg c so we try not to splash it about too much.


Tom Alabaster working on the plaster case mould of Brian's Hereford Bull

hereford bull mould with tom alabaster
hereford bull sculpture mould making
IMG 3522
IMG 3490
IMG 3481

Robin Denning working on the mould

IMG 3382

the view down from my drawing studio

IMG 3457

A helping hand with the difficult bits from my son Tom

IMG 3346

Doing the finishing touches

IMG 3325

The finished clay back in my studio

hereford bull leading
hereford bull 2
hereford bull 1
hereford bull clay 4
hereford bull clay 2

Awarded the commission for a life size Hereford bull for Hereford City centre

I modeled the bull from life using a modern working bull on a local farm as inspiration. This involved a fully hands on relationship with the bull and many weeks getting to know him in detail.

Sculptor commissioned to produce lifesize bronze for Hereford city centre

Putting the first coat of silicone rubber onto recently completed clays for a family commission.

IMG 8461

Burning out the furnace with a thermic lance

20 july 2011 Casting day today.

We got up early to open the kiln and have been pouring since 9.00am. So far the pours have gone quite well, it is always difficult to judge exactly what temperature to pour different pieces but fingers crossed. We have poured all the flasks with the heads and arm in and are just about to pour the bodies. We have another two crucible full pour so should be finished for a late lunch.

Tom, my youngest son is helping Jim and I today and is doing fine, we will open up the casts tomorrow when they are cool.


Tom plastering up the burnt out moulds with scrim and plaster of paris to strengthen them.


Jim checking the temperature of the metal with a thermocouple.

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